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Why Choose Us?

We are readers and book lovers before we started making our items, we are collectors before we became sellers. We look for rare and beautiful books, sourced worldwide, that we noticed are hard to find for collectors, and offer them for both bibliophiles and the hard-core collectors. Ours is the best place to order a rare book, because we offer diverse types and only special editions.

As for designs, our work are heavily based on books and actual passages or quotes in the stories. Each one has been researched and related to the stories we love so well; they are NOT mass-produced. We make our items locally and source both from local retail bookstores and small business. We also support young and budding artists and produce or showcase their work on our shops and social media. Thus, you support our partner makers, authors, and artists through your orders from our shop.

Help us spread the joy of reading!

And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss.

JK Rowling

About Us


Self-proclaimed bookwyrm

The Book Quay is a small business run by a family of bookworms, artists, and makers. We like to fangirl over books and bookish characters, discuss plots as if they are news, and gush over book-to-movie adaptations.

We come from different educational and career backgrounds until we decided to focus on our family and our love for books. Thus, this shop was born. Come and "visit" our shop and chat with us!


We are in Taguig City, Metro Manila

Philippines 1630

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Monday — Friday

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